Sehkari Bank Bima YOJANA


The Patiala Central Cooperative Bank has introduced a new Insurance Linked Deposit Scheme for the benefit of saving bank account holders opening bank account with a minimum balance of Rs 1500/- for risk cover of Rs 1.00 lakh ,Rs 3000/- for risk cover of Rs 3 lakhs and Rs 5000/- for risk cover of Rs 5 lakhs. Under the heading Sehkari Bank BimaYojana.
The scheme is available in two variants, i.e. depending upon the sum assured .
The two variants are :

Sr No

Sum Assured

Premium (approx.) for full year

Minimum Balance required in Account


Rs 500000/-

Rs 170/-

Rs 5000/-


Rs 100000/-

RS  35/-

RS 1500/-

The premium amount may change on  every yearly renewal. Cheques issued on the account violating minimum balance stipulation are liable to be dishonoured by the bank.
50 % of Sum Assured will be claimable in case of Partial Disability i.e. in case of loss of One limb/eye/foot/hand.

Individual in the age group of 10-70years opening saving bank account are eligible to join the scheme.Existing depositors intending to join the scheme shall have to give a written consent.
Every depositor member of the scheme shall be covered under the personal accident insurance cover from the 1st day of the next month in which he opens the accounts. All accounts opened from 26th of the month to the 25th of the next month shall be covered under this scheme from the first day of the next month i.e. if a person opens a saving bank account between February 26 to March 25, his insurance cover shall start from 1st April.
Nomination facility for deposit account is available and is restricted to one individual only.Nomination can be cancelled or changed at any time. Nomination for bank deposit and insurance scheme shall be the same.

Immediately after the happening of the accident, it should be informed by the claimants to the concerned branch of the bank where the depositor is maintaining the account and nearest branch of the Insurance Company. Claim form can be obtained from the bank branch or from the branch of the company and are to be submitted to the Insurancecompany through the branch.

Copy of FIR, medical report and Post mortem report in case of Death is must.